Plum Watersilk Pashmina KK98

Watersilk Pashmina  in Coco Plum colour consisting of silk and polyester yarn.  A value for money pashmina from the  Simply Devine range of pashminas.  Please contact us for any colour requirement - we are unable to put them all on the website!
Choose from over 300 colours.  if you require a specific colour for your team of bridesmaids or special event then please do not hesitate to contact the Simply Devine Hat Shop ordering service.  Order  bridesmaid's pashminas in colours to match your wedding theme. 
Our pashminas are made with silk and polyester.  They are warm and very delicate.  Perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding, and/or Ascot.  They make fabulous bridesmaid gifts too (and they can be worn on the big day if its cold!).
A fabulous size too!

If you are unsure about the colour then please send us a photograph of your outfit and we will endeavour to match it ... we offer up to 300 colours at the Simply Devine Hat Shop in Tadcaster.


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