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The team at want to help you make the most of your virtual shop window on our platform to maximise all visits and ultimately drive bookings and sales to your businesses in person and online.

It is essential that you optimise your page with your top selling gifts and services and making sure your stock levels are plentiful so not to disappoint shoppers when they browse and shop online with you.

91% of people who visit are more likely to spend locally - this generates footall and spend in your area.

6 Top Tips

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  1. Make sure you have uploaded a wide variety of products and services – The more products and services you add the more you influence spend in person and in store. Customers like a good browse and a good choice, so if you provide that you are much more likely to secure a visit, a booking or an online purchase/make a sale – your community support manager is on hand to help you.
  2. Check your stock levels – ShopAppy are investing in marketing to drive traffic to you - make sure you have plenty of stock available on the site to capture every possible sale.
  3. Make It easy to buy from you  – Have you got multiple delivery options including postage and packing to maximise your chances of a sale? If not then the ShopAppy team can help you to set that up - as well as local delivery, some people want to buy items to send elsewhere so giving them that flexibility will boost sales.
  4. Bundle things up - People want to have an alternative to the giants - by taking single items and bundle them up into gift sets or creating hampers, you not only influence interest, you also provide your customers with a solution - whether it is a pamper hamper, a recipe box with ingredients, a craft set with an online class - people love a collection of items not just single items.
  5. “Make it Personal” - If your items can be personalised or you can include a gift message, make sure this is available to the customer. If you get an order, make sure to use recycled packaging is appropriate and add a personal note, it makes people realise the difference in service they get from a local business compared to a warehouse.
  6. Link your social  – Social media is a great way for you to make it personal and to stay connected to your customers. You can share your thoughts, video and photos of your latest items. However for a customer it can be difficult to locate the product on social which may have inspired them. To make it easy - add a shop now button with a link to your website address for your shop - that way, people can have a bigger browse when you have stimulated their interest!
  7. For more tips - watch our panel where three businesses share their successes and tactics they are using to make the most of 

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