This image is taken in the South Derbyshire village of Findern (close to my heart). It is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The image looks over the traditional village green towards All Saint’s Church.
I captured this image when the world famous Flying Scotsman passed through Willington in May 2019. The iconic green engine with its resplendent carriages took to the tracks as it made its way from York to London Paddington.
The image is of Mercia Marina in Willington.  A popular tourist attraction offering shops, restaurants, cafes and holiday lodges.  It also has great walks around the local area.  Mercia Marina is Europe’s biggest inland marina, nestled in a tranquil haven between the South Derbyshire villages of Willington and Findern lies 74 acres of what must be Derbyshire’s best kept secret.
Image taken of the reflections on the canal from Findern looking towards Potlocks Bridge, Willington, Derbyshire.
The image was taken at dusk captuinrg the traffic trails. In the background you can see St Wystan’s Church. In the centre is the Repton cross. Repton was formerly the capital of Merica and is home to the famous Repton School.
The image is taken from the Mercia Marina nature reserve, looking out towards the iconic cooling towers in Willington.
Immerse yourself in the wacky and wonderful world of Davie Bowie with this amazing Jigsaw puzzle featuring the star in his various chameleonic guises. Even music aficionados and Bowie nerds may feel slightly under pressure attempting to piece together this tricky 500 piece puzzle. All totally worth it when the puzzle reveals lots of references to special Bowie moments though, we reckon.
Let's jigsaw like it's 1999. Who needs parties when you've got jigsaw puzzles, right? Super-fun, low-key stay-at-home entertainment, discover Prince Rogers Nelson partying in 1999 with TLC, Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas, Cher, Britney Spears, and Ricky Martin as this puzzle reveals itself. Wonderfully illustrated by Kev Gahn, this Prince jigsaw puzzle is so cool you might even want to frame it when you finish.