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The Secret Surrealist; The Paintings of Desmond Morris.

Published by Phaidon in 1987. \n \nDesmond Morris has a world-wide public image as broadcaster and zoologist and as the author of popular books on human behaviour. He was also a committed Surrealist painter. He even exhibited with Joan Miro, as long ago as 1950. \n \nOn leaving school, he spent a year as a lecturer in fine arts, but then enrolled at University to study zoology - painting has remained a largely private occupation. His paintings are peopled with fantastic organisms, 'biomorphs', influenced by biological shapes and structures, colours and patterns - creatures of the imagination. It is a strange personal world, and one where the artist admits he himself never knows quite what will happen next. This is what excites his curiosity, and in this book we, his audience, are able to join in his journey of exploration. Philip Oakes, poet, author and for many years an arts columnist with The Sunday Times, introduces the paintings, and the artist himself contributes an essay about his work and a commentary on the plates. There are also biographical notes and a complete checklist of works. \n \nIncludes 121 illustrations - 40 in colour. \n \nFirst edition. Dustjacket not clipped. \n \n112 pages. Size 11" x 13" \n \nHardback
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