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Whitby Gin - Original Edition 700ml

Whitby Gin, The Original Edition is a true taste of home, distilled with locally foraged sugar kelp, heather and honey for a bold yet balanced flavour. The Original Edition is the gin we felt our home town deserved. We spent many months developing the award-winning flavour combination which marries 12 traditional gin botanicals with our signature ingredients. Appearance: You might notice a slight pearlescent glow on adding ice or tonic. This is caused by the release of flavoursome oils from our botanicals: by choosing not to chill-filter Whitby Gin we maintain their bold flavour. Palate: A balanced and well-rounded gin, The Original Edition is distilled with 12 traditional botanicals and our signature ingredients for a harmonious flavour combination. Sugar kelp foraged from Robin Hood’s Bay at low tide. Heather from the North York Moors. Yorkshire honey from a local beekeeper. Our botanicals were selected both for their delicious flavour and to champion one aspect of Whitby’s varied natural surroundings. Clean and fresh on the palate with a hint of juniper. Nose: A distinctly herbal and floral scent with a hint of sweetness.
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Country of Origin UK
Ingredients If you have a food allergy or intolerance (or someone you're ordering for has), please contact the business before placing your order. Do not order if you cannot get the allergy information you need.
Nutritional Value 42% ABV

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