Beginner’s Ancient Greek

This course would most benefit students starting out in Greek, those interested in taking Greek to Level 1, Level 2 or GCSE level, or anyone seeking an introduction to classical language and culture. Knowledge of Latin would be helpful but by no means necessary.

In this course, learners will be introduced to the basics of Ancient Greek language and culture. Starting with the Greek alphabet, the student will be introduced to the key features of Greek syntax and grammar.

The objective is that by the end of the course each student will be able to translate simple, abridged passages based on the works of the comic playwright Aristophanes.

Lesson time will be focussed on grammar instruction and translation practice, while learners will be set to learn essential vocabulary lists as homework.

Key Grammar Topics: The alphabet, word order, the definite article and its declensions, subjects and objects, noun cases and declensions, adjectival agreement, tense, mood and voice of verbs, verbal contraction.

*The course will commence when we have 5 enrollments.

Age Group: 13+ / 100% online in a virtual classroom / Durations: 10 hours / Delivered in English / Date: TBC

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