The BONAMICO Selection Case

A mixed case of Wines with slightly more complexity than the Avarengo selection, for a total price of £50. Conveniently packed for either collection or local delivery. We will endeavour to select wines that may not catch your eye when confronted with a choice from more than 300 . Please advise your preferences for frequency and price below. Alternative priced options are available - our £72 box Here or our £36 box Here Your first order will be charged to your card. Subsequent orders will be paid by Direct Debit. We will contact you to arrange.
  • (wines supplied may differ from the photograph)
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    Ingredients If you have a food allergy or intolerance (or someone you're ordering for has), please contact the business before placing your order. Do not order if you cannot get the allergy information you need.
    Nutritional Value There are no details here, if you would like to know more please contact the business directly.

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