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Twin Roller Blinds

The Twin Roller Blinds is a multi-tasking concept as the double roller blinds system allows you to choose two fabrics for ultimate flexibility. The lighter translucent fabric allows daylight to enter your room and provides a thin layer of daytime privacy. The thicker blackout fabric provides night time privacy and better heat efficiency. Choose matching or contrasting colours and mix it up however you want with our wide range of contemporary fabrics.
Twin Roller Blinds are available in your typical fabric choice as well as our award winning Dark-Out fabric. A popular colour choice is a light filtering smoky grey with a warm undertone to fit a contemporary colour scheme. This colour exudes character and is strong enough to define a room on its own or as a cool and classy backdrop to bold accessories. The popularity of this fabric arises from its ability to match a wide range of styles in all types of settings. The translucent fabric allows a degree of light to filter through, yet the mid grey hue prevents glare from direct sunlight. A Dark-Out fabric made blind will suit and support a multitude of window styles. Use it in a room where pale tones are prevalent or use it for a clean contrast against bolder colours.The black out fabric is ideal for blocking out strong sunlight and for placing in bedroom settings. A hugely popular choice of fabric.
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