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Lipofirm Fat Reduction

How Does It Work?

The treatment works by emitting heat to stimulate the area. This accelerates the fat metabolism process: muscles contract and push the fat cells up towards the surface. At the same time, internal pressure is applied and the combined effect increases the removal of liquid fat via lymphatic drainage. It takes approximately 4-8 treatments to achieve the ‘lifting’ effect of Lip Firm Pro and clients love it.

The heat also achieves the effect of skin tightening by causing the collagen fibers to contract.

Where On The Body Is Lipofirm Pro The Most Effective?
The system is easily capable of treating both large and small parts of the body, including more delicate areas. Perfect for stomach, arms, legs, thighs and buttocks.

The first step is to come in for a consultation where we can discuss your needs and establish a treatment plan. Prices are calculated on areas and start at £85. We can treat more than one area at a time too!

5 days are needed between treatments.

Re shape with the award winning Lipofirm pro

Lipofirm pro uniquely combines two technologies:
Trilipo Radio Frequency (RF)
Trilipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA)
Working simultaneously using a single applicator, they create a synergistic effect that delves non evasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as skin tightening.

This treatment is designed for:
Inch loss
Cellulite reduction
Skin tightening
Expected Benefits

Immediate visible results
Long term effects
Suitable for all skin types
Clinically proven
Non invasive

Course of 8 treatments is recommended for maximum result once a week.
1 area x 1 session £75
2 area x 1 session £135
3 area x 1 session £189

Course Pricing
1 area x 8 treatments £540
2 areas x 8 treatments £960
3 areas x 8 treatments £1344

£20 taster sessions are available.
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