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At Inkhaus, we pride ourselves on constantly striving to make our practice of the highest possible standard, which includes hygiene and aftercare. However, once you’ve left the studio it’s your turn. It’s critical that you follow our aftercare advice to the letter; we can guarantee that your friend / internet group / person in the pub does not know what is best for healing your tattoo! If you feel worried about any aspect of the healing process of your tattoo, it is imperative that you come in as soon as possible to talk to us about it. We will always be happy to take the time to give guidance and reassurance!

  • DAYS 0-3 – Your artist will have taken great care to clean and soothe your fresh tattoo, then apply a clear, self-adhesive surgical wound film. This film is breathable, water resistant and sterile. It is not a magic shield! Please take care not to let clothing rub, or immerse it in water. A quick shower is fine, make sure the water is not too hot. It is normal for the area to be slightly swollen to begin with, this should go down within 36 hours.
  • DAY 4 – Today’s the day to remove the surgical wound film! This is best done in the shower letting the warm water soften the adhesive. Make sure your hands are clean first, then slowly start peeling off the film. Don’t worry if you have an image of your tattoo stuck to the film; this is entirely normal and nothing to worry about. Now, wash the area with a mild soap (such as Dove or Simple). Do not use anything anti-bacterial or scented as it is likely to dry out or irritate your fresh tattoo. Pat dry with a clean towel and apply a light coating of Hustle Butter.
  • DAYS 4-7 – Your tattoo should be looking really great, and it’ll be tempting to show it off. Remember it is still a healing wound, and it needs treating accordingly. Wash and Hustle Butter it morning and night. Make sure clothes are not rubbing it, and it is being kept clean and moisturised with Hustle Butter. If it is feeling dry and tight like sunburn, it is nagging you that you aren’t keeping it moisturised!
  • DAYS 7 -14 – Your tattoo may have had a little peel of skin, this is entirely normal. Whilst most peoples skin will have knitted over at this point, there is still a lot going on under the surface, and the area is going to be delicate and sensitive. If you have a slower immune system, it may still be finishing healing, in which case follow days 4-7 until it is healed. Once the skin has healed over completely, you should be safe to go swimming, in the bath or training.
  • DAYS 14 > Remember your tattoo requires a lifelong commitment to keep it looking good, and it is critical you DO NOT EXPOSE IT TO U.V. EVER!!! This includes the Sun, Sun beds or light from welding equipment. It will fade and spread your tattoo, and this damage is irreparable. When the tattoo is 6 months plus, if it is looking a little dull, try gently exfoliating the skin and applying some moisturiser
    • DO:

    • Keep your tattoo clean & moisturised.
    • Keep your tattoo out of the sun. Forever. Once healed, use factor 50+ sun protection.
    • Eat healthily, stay hydrated and well rested. Your immune system and skin will thank you for it.
    • DON’T:

    • Leave your tattoo exposed to the elements, dirt or U.V. light. Pick it.
    • Scratch it (if it’s itchy, slap the area to take away the itch!)
    • The water is either full of dirt and Bacteria or heavily chlorinated.
    • Take it in a hot tub. It’s anyone’s guess what’s happened in there. Let the skin dry out and start to scab.
    • Exercise strenuously. The constant stretching, sweating and abrasion caused by one gym session can be catastrophic to a fresh tattoo. A week relaxing will not kill you.
    • Expose skin to extremes of temperature.
    • Listen to other people who will swear blind that the best thing in the world for a fresh tattoo is toothpaste / peanut butter / cat litter etc.

      Hustle Butter is all you need.

      TROUBLESHOOTING: Sometimes, things may not go to plan. The dog might have licked it whilst you were asleep. You might be feeling a little run down or stressed and your body is struggling to cope a little. Different people heal at different rates, and indeed different parts of the body can be more difficult to heal than others (feet, hands and wrists are notorious!). Also, if your tattoo was a cover-up it is not unusual for these to take a little longer than other tattoos to heal.

      Seek our help, or if we are not available a G.P. if: After the first 2 days your tattoo is looking red, or has a rash coming from it, is painful (uncomfortable and sensitive is normal – pain is not after about 24-36 hours).

      Has any discharge from it (clear fluid and excess ink is normal initially, this should not happen once the wound film is off.) If the tattoo does not seem to be healing according to this advice sheet.

      Remember – We are always here to help, reassure and advise. If you are worried, do not delay. Contact us immediately, even if out of hours via a message on Facebook etc. If you head your message with something like ‘Help’ or ‘Worried’, we will always give it our direct attention.

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