Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about shopappy – you are probably not alone! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for here – then please email us

    Once I have ordered my goods what happens next?

    When you have made your order and chosen when you want to click and collect, you should receive an email to confirm your order. You can keep it on your phone or print it out so you can use it when you collect your items.

    The shopkeepers receive your order information and contact details so that they can label your products and pack them for you.
    If you have chosen click and collect at a single point, then they will receive confirmation of the shops who are packing your order and your contact information

    How can I pay for my goods on

    You can pay for your goods on a debit or credit card or via Stripe. If you would rather not, you can save your shopping list and go to your local shops to buy the products in person instead.

    How do I contact the shops if I cannot do click and collect?

    If you are collecting your products from the shops you visited online, then you can find their phone numbers on their shop information and you can call them directly. If you are collecting from a single collection point, then you should call the single collection point directly. If you have purchased fresh food, they can only be stored for up to 4 hours from when the packages were dropped off. If you cannot collect your goods, you can arrange for someone else to collect these goods for you. They will need to bring ID, a note from you to confirm they are collecting on your behalf and a copy of the order confirmation.

    How does click and collect work?

    When you order your goods, each shop packs part of their order for you so that you can collect it at the time you select when you check out. If you order by 12 noon, the orders can be ready on the same day. If you wish to click and collect from a single point, your orders will be delivered by the shopkeepers to the click and collect point on the same day too. They will then be gathered together so that you can pick them up together. You can of course choose to click and collect in advance up to four weeks ahead if that suits you better.

    Are there any jobs with

    If you feel passionate about our cause to help your local independents to compete – do get in touch.

    Where is my local click and collect point?

    In Saltaire and Shipley, your local click and collect point is Saltaire Wines

    • In Otley, your local click and collect point is The Otley Tavern
    • in Northallerton, your local click and collect point is The Golden Lion
    • in Tickhill your local click and collect point is the Tickhill Garage
    • in Guiseley your local click and collect point is the Station Pub
    • in Barnsley your local click and collect point is the Digital Media Centre
    • in Thirsk your local click and collect point is Johnsons butchers
    • in Ilkley your local click and collect point is the Black Hat Ilkley
    • in Swaffham your local click and collect point is the Market Cross Cafe
    • in Attleborough your local click and collect point is the One Stop Shop
    • in Thetford your local click and collect point is the Bell Inn
    • in Watton your local click and collect point is Watton General Store
    • in Keighley your local click and collect point is Small Office Supplies
    • in Great Yarmouth your local click and collect point is The Market Tavern
    • in Silsden your local collection point is the Red Lion Pub
    • in Baildon your local collecion point is The Mill cafe
    • in Wetherby your local collection point is the Wetherby Town Hall
    • in Beccles your local collection point is Fishmonger at No 4< To find out our latest collection points, just type in shopappy collection point onto Google Maps

    Can any kind of shop register for

    Only independently owned shops or small shop groups that are registered as a shop or service with a physical presence in your town can be part of is designed to support smaller and local shops so that they can compete with the bigger companies.

    Can I order items if I am under 18?

    No, as the site sells alcohol, you can only pay for and pick-up goods if you are over 18.

    Is there a charge for the click and collect at a single point?

    There is no charge.

    Why do I need to log in when I just want to check-out?

    The log-in is needed in order to authorise payments. You can choose if you do or don’t want to store your information. If you store it, it means you can save shopping lists and get to where you need to more quickly. You can also opt in to receiving information that we will send from time to time about news and offers in your area.

    Is my data secure when I pay by card or give you my address?

    The data and card information is processed by Stripe and these companies maintain secure systems that have systems to protect data. For more information on this, please refer to the sections on payment processing in the customer terms and conditions.

    Can I advertise on

    If you are interested in advertising, there are opportunities. We prefer to give those opportunities to members of shopappy first. To discuss requirements, please contact

    What do I do if I am not happy with the service or products?

    If you are not happy with what you have purchased, we are sorry to hear that. As this is about your local town, you need to speak to the shop or service directly about your complaint. Telephone numbers and/or email information is visible on their shop sections. Please do let us know as well so we can help you to contact the shopkeeper. Each shop has different refund policies, so you will find these on their shop information. If you are unsure what to do, please email and we will do our best to help you. Full customer terms and conditions are available here.

    My friend wants shopappy to be in her town, what should she do?

    She should join the cause! Customers as much as shopkeepers can make the changes we need in our local towns. Ask her to email

    sell things but I don't have a shop, can I be on

    If you have a shop in a building you can be part of - if you sell things from your home, there are many other sites you could use to sell your goods. You might also see if some of the shops on might be interested in selling your products in their shops. Many independents are big fans of local suppliers. Get in touch with us or them directly

    Are the photos you use of actual products?

    Some are and some are not. The images are for illustration purposes and some are taken from a stock photo library. Photography is such a special skill. On shopappy you will see a real range of photos and styles, just as you do in your towns. We think the range of photos which our shopkeepers choose show off the independent character of our towns.

    How do I get in contact with

    You can email – We have not got a phone contact as yet. If you want to get in touch with the shopkeepers, visit their shops where you should see their contact information.

    What is your refund policy?

    You can find our refund policy in the customer terms and conditons and customer help section. The most important thing to know is that shopappy is not responsible for refunds. You can request refunds from the individual shops on shopappy, and all of our shops have their own refund policies. They are local and easy to contact.

    How do you keep things cool for click and collect?

    The click and collect points have refrigeration and shops advise them how to store your items.

    Why don't you offer delivery?

    We don't offer delivery yet. The towns, shops and services on shopappy want people to visit them. Without people in our towns, our high streets die. You can of course arrange your own delivery, and there may be a service for that at some point.

    Why can't I click and collect my goods on particular days

    When you have chosen your products, shopappy makes sure that all of the shops you have purchased from, are open at the time you want to collect your items. Some shops close on different days because unlike a big chain, they are independent spirits ;-) We show you all the days when all the products you want to buy can be collected.