Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about ShopAppy? Check out our FAQs here. And if we haven't answered it, or you are just too rushed today, then email us at [email protected]

    How do I upload products?

    There is a useful ShopAppy guide to uploading products and helpful short videos to show how you to get started. It is very easy and all you need is a smartphone. If you already have a website or EPOS system we can integrate with that too for faster uploading. For certain types of shop, we are also able to provide a sheet which can help you add items really easily. You can load as many products or services as you want.

    How do I upload images?

    At the end of each product uploading page you see browse image – use this to locate your image and then click upload or take a photo with your phone and upload it. You can also check the live to see how it looks. We also provide a photo library to help you. 

    What do I do, if I need more features that are not on the list?

    You can email [email protected] with your request and we can usually add features to the system quite easily

    How much does it cost to be on ShopAppy?

    At its most expensive, with no support, you will pay a monthly fee of £19.99 + VAT and if you are a market stall operating for less than 4 days a week you pay £9.99+VAT so less than £3 a week. You will be asked to do this by direct debit on an autorenewing subscription.

    When do we receive the money for the goods I have sold?

    The payment gateway holds on to funds in case of disputes / fraudulent cards etc. normally for 3-5 days. Twice a week ShopAppy will generate statements for your orders and email them to you and transfer payments to you minus transaction fees from the payment gateway. We do not charge commission. All you need to do is mark your items as shipped in your vendor portal. If for some reason you can't ship items, then just get in touch with us on [email protected] so we can organise refunds to customers

    How is ShopAppy promoted?

    The most powerful marketing for ShopAppy is through word of mouth. ShopAppy is on facebook, twitter, instagram and once a town is live, the team write to the newspapers and print leaflets for the shops and local networks to distribute. Each shop receives a window sticker and poster for the shop window. As more shops come on board and towns, ShopAppy uses much of what it receives to promote the site in towns. As well as providing you promotional materials, we also undertake campaigns throughout the year like Love Local Day for example and you will receive information about that too as well as our other shop local campaigns through the year. If you have a great marketing idea please email us [email protected]  

    What charges will I pay for loading my products on the site?

    There are no commissions to pay, but transactions do incur payment processing charges - currently these charges are 2%

    What if I don't sell products or don't want to sell my products online?

    ShopAppy enables customers to book items, services, appointments, classes and more via our things to book and what's on sections. If you do sell products but don't want to sell them online - you can offer them as in store only or ring to order. There are so many ways you can use the platform to support your business that fits with how you want to support your customers. However the easier you make it for customers to buy from you, the better it is.

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