Artist Palette

Palettes available: * PORCELAIN PALETTE 7 WELL LARGE 18cm / 7", Large ceramic deep seven well palette with lastic lid. * Jakar Paper Tear Off Palette 36 Sheets: Palette, paper, with thumb hole, 36 sheets wax coated paper, tear off pad with thumb hole, suitable for oils, acrylics and watercolours, 22.9 x 30.5cm, 65g/m². * WOODEN OVAL HOOK SHAPE 14"X10" PALETTE * Daler-Rowney Tear Off Palette for Oils or Acrylics: A4 Tear off palette for oils and acrylics. Disposable palettes . 40 sheets per pad.Made in England. * PLASTIC FLOWER SHAPED PALETTE: PLASTIC FLOWER SHAPED PALETTE with 7 deep wells for mixing * PLASTIC RECTANGULAR 20 WELL PALETTE 33cm x 25cm: PLASTIC RECTANGULAR PALETTE 33cm x 25cm, 20 different sized wells for mixing.

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