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Avast Cloudcare Security Software License

Avast Cloudcare Security software license (per year from £12, supported)
The very best in cloud security! Perfect for Windows and Mac OS's
Keep your systems threat free and secure, safe in the knowledge that we have your back!
We will monitor any potential threats detected and notify you of any infections, we can also push full system or network scans and remotely manage your firewall
Need a port or application unblocking? No problem, let us know and we can do that with instant effect!
License upgrades include content filtering, i.e we can block access to Social Media, Porn & Gambling sites or even allow access to just specific sites to prevent your employees wasting their time on the web! (content filter upgrade from £16.00 p.a)
Avast security automatically detects and deals with the vast majority of threats using effective quarantines and is constantly updated.
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