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Your Local Taunton Shops

Taunton’s combination of traditional and contemporary is nowhere better reflected than in its shopping. The market town has always shown individuality and creativity and has many independent shops which give charm and enjoyment. Bath place comprises a series of small specialist shops operating from a near complete set of 19th century shop fronts. Now offering FREE delivery.


  1. MAKE A BOOKING Guddi and Gikki
  2. £0.00
  3. £0.00
  4. 30th November 2021 - CABiz Digital Networking - Guest speaker: Tim Gibbons Cabiz Ltd
    'Sales is Simple' Tim has over 25 years of sales and commer...
  5. Taunton umbrella Taunton Visitor Centre
    Length incl. handle 90cm...
  6. Tote Bag Taunton Visitor Centre
    long handled, measure approx 42cm x 36cm...
  7. £3.95
  8. 23rd November 2021: CABiz Digital Networking - Guest speaker: Rob Austin Cabiz Ltd
    'Supercharge your B2B sales revenue!' For many small busine...

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