Watercolour Secrets by Jill Leman

This beautiful book showcases the work of the members of the prestigious Royal Watercolour Society, including Ken Howard, Sonia Lawson and many other fine and well-known contemporary watercolour painters. Each artist discusses their inspiration and gives their best practical advice for working in this medium, offering a fascinating insight into the methods and techniques of the professional artists. Have you ever wondered how an artist starts a piece, what keeps them working at it, how they make marks and mix colour or when they know a painting is finished? This intimate exploration of the daily creative striving of the artist and their patient technical procedures will fascinate professional and aspiring artists, collectors and anyone with a general interest in painting. Published: 19-06-2014 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9781408184271 Imprint: Bloomsbury Visual Arts Illustrations: 220 colour illus Dimensions: 276 x 219 mm
The Artery

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